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I was thinking that editing a question or answer to be more understandable is a somewhat exhausting tasks (specially those huge walls of text that some people often to do...(? ), and while some of us find it good other members could find it annoying or that deflected their main point, due that i came here suggesting a "point system" for editor quite simple:

Whenever a first-time edition per user happens the owner of the edited text would obtain access to a button to show up his appreciation, which would end in providing 1 single point to the editor unable to obtain any other edition point from that post.

That way some ppl could feel encouraged to improve even more the answers/question of other members and if were a really amazing edition maybe users with a lot of points could provie an "amazing edition" gratitude point providing 5-10 points to the post owner and if were needed, removing 1-5 points from the OP (to avoid bug abusers and stuff), also you could rate bad an edition with a -1 if you feel like the edition wasn't of your pleasure.

Im up to a discussion about this if someone thinks shouldn't be implemented or so.

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I think the edit system is fine as it in and shouldn't give more points personally. From what I'm getting from this post you wish you could get rewarded more or less for edits?

Well moderators help a lot with edits, If you don't like the edit you can always revert it when viewing edits: example this will make sure the user doesn't get credit for the edit. Additionally, let's say you don't like the edit and you do revert it, the user won't get credit for the edit but if you edit your own answer/question it doesn't grant you a point. If you edit an answer after someone instead you will get a point and not the editor before. You can comment under an edit if you don't agree or maybe share your input with one of the mods.

I like this main thread of explanation regarding the edits: Improving posts is now rewarded with reputation points

  • Users abusing the moderation tools, by making hundreds of senseless edits, will have their reputation points removed and risk getting their accounts suspended.
  • Only edits on posts that are not your own count towards the improvement. Each edit is worth one point, up to the cap of 500 points. This means that after you collect 500 points from post edits, you will no longer be getting additional points for them. Also, you won't get additional points for multiple edits on the same post.

As the Help Center states you need x amount of points to edit a question or an answer and I think this is reasonable at this point in time to encourage users not only to just edit but to contribute to the fansite in other ways like posting questions or answers.

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i didn't knew/remember about that system, i thought u won nothing from  editing posts but i thought about this idea:

Member A edit the post of Member B  and Member B choose if that edit was helpful and if is, reward it with 1 extra point limited to 1 point per thread to each different Member no matter how many ppl edited it nor how many times if the OP found worth the edition of  Member A that person will receive 1 point, 5 if were a huge improvement and the OP were willing to lose points for it, in the other hand, if the OP doesn't want it could simply choose to don't give a point, if Member C also edits the post and improve it even more, Member B could provide even another point to Member C.

the reason is simple specially in my post i often to do walls of text that i know could get a lot of improvements but i don't have the skills/will/time to do them so i really enjoy when someone edit and really improve my posts, and i were willing to give some of my points as gratitude for that person being active part of the development of a great answer.

I know that u require a high ammount of points to edit, but still were good that ppl were more involved into helping and improving the actual knowledge rather than having to create a new answer to add-up all the information missing to the existing one.