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I see that many times I do or other people do nice questions well elaborated or good answers good elaborated and valid but they got 0 or maybe 1 upvote. And this is so frustrating because is so so hard to gain points since people just ignore the upvoting , but the funny thing is that if you do 1 bad question or 1 bad answer they fast downvote you.. so I think this have to change.

There is 1 admin and 1 moderator so that should be +2 upvotes on good questions or good answers and thats not happening , and then there is some users very active but they just dont upvote people , an example is Trululu gumdrops , he just voted on 4 questions in almost 1 year...

What do you think is the solution?



https://www.tibiaqa.com/4618/what-is-the-total-time-to-kill-king-zelos (on this one the best answer even have -1 but I  upvoted and it has 0 points....)


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You really love me right?
Is funny how every time you need say something about users, you say my name.
There are another users do you can use in your examples (I can tell you the names), but you know what? Thats really dont help.
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You know perfectly why I say ur name , you started to upvote yesterday and chosing a lot of best answer after you readed me , yhou know you dont upvote almost never so dont be that surprise.
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Not really, I do it because I want do it not because you or your post, I dont do it before because it takes so much time (Hard when you accumulate it.).
Im not surprise. I told you, to me is funny so keep loving me.
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I upvotes you Many times, is not that I dont like you, just dont LOVE the way some people just dont upvotw

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Good idea to pay TibiaQA'a community attention to the up-voting. I try to remember about it, because sometimes I simple read and leave the topic. It's nice to aprreciate someone's effort and reward it if it's nice and helpful.

I down-vote only in case, when the answer is NOT correct and misleading. And your example:

"https://www.tibiaqa.com/4618/what-is-the-total-time-to-kill-king-zelos (on this one the best answer even have -1 but I  upvoted and it has 0 points....)"

... is great!

As first you wrote there "25-30 min" and I checked it by myself by staying in Zelos' room after we killed the boss. It was exactly 24 minutes. If anyone trusted your answer, he wouldn't kill this boss. You've change it when you saw down-vote and commented your own answer, full of frustration: "My answer is correct, stop downvoting me everyday for no reasons." As you can see it wasn't for no reasons.

I gave you 3 down-votes. Two because of incorrect, misleading answers and one for plagiarism (this answer does not exist anymore).

Hope this info will help you to improve your stats by not getting down-votes anymore.

What I can advise, is to change a little bit your intentions. Don't answer to earn more and more points and blame whole world that it's impossible to do it faster. Answer if you want to help. Well, that's a foudation of TibiaQA, isn't it? Belive me or not, but thanks to that you will get rid of any frustration about votes.

PS. Treat it as solution :)

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As far I know the views count per computer, so too much people enter on the site but dont have account, so cant upvote.
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Btw, talking about this question you mentionated:
This far we all know that your best answer selected is wrong, you should check it back. 10400 viewers have checked it and learnt something that is wrong xD
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I edited the question , now its opinion based since there is no perfect answer on this question. Charms are situatonial and it depends on your hunt style so I removed the best answer since in opinion based there is no best answer.
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Oh okey, alright!
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Actually, I have upvoted two of the questions that you have linked.

Of course, I cannot speak for all of the community here, but in my personal judgment, those are not the best-articulated questions that exist on TibiaQA. Most of them contain one or two sentences, often with poor grammar. Now, that doesn't make the questions themselves bad or not interesting. I think those questions are the essence of what we would like on TibiaQA. All I'm saying is that the way they have been asked could be improved. For reference, see a recent question that clearly took the author some time to prepare - there are pictures, judgement for the question, link to the wiki and very specific details on what the author expects in the answers: https://www.tibiaqa.com/5908/best-way-to-obtain-discoverer-outfit

My hope is that our recent contest and https://meta.tibiaqa.com/721/what-makes-a-good-question will help us build better tips for players' asking questions.
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I mean , when you post for example in stackoverflow , or some place that is similar to tibiaQa people upvote you because you are apporting new info to the database of the QA , what happens when noones upvote ? people stop posting and giving good info.  

If you check normally people upvote more times on opinion based answers or questions and that is totally oposite to the goal of the website, thats because I think something have to change.

And the grammar shouldnt be a very strict thing to upvote or not , you know that the most people you have on this site is from south america , and english is not their first language , and even if you use translator it is wrong sometimes.

Sometimes I make bad answers or not good estructure and people ask me for improve it but then nothing changes in terms of votes.

I really like the site and I try to get points for the owl and I also make my efforts for making good questions and good answers , I spend a time researching to do that. And with this system where people downvote faster thatn upvote its hard and is frustrating.
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I agree with Zupakode about grammar. People with bad English shouldn't be scared to ask or answer on questions because of downvotes.

Zupakode you answered on a lot questions and in my opinion people just don't refresh your answers (even if you changed something).

I still think that down votes should be public or should be note with the reason.

I know it can't be too easy to gain points but..voting system is really annoying. This website should be more "friendly" for people who wanna help.
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I agree that upvotes are hard to get, and that it is frustrating sometimes, but I think it is expected and is not really a problem. If people rarely upvote, then the upvote means that the answer/question was really good.

If you look at similar sites like stackoverflow.com , for example, it is not uncommon to see questions with 1k+ views and maybe one or two upvotes. Here the community is much smaller and questions have normally less than 100 views.

I personally think that upvotes should not be given 'for free' and only good/useful questions or answers should receive them.

I think the only possible 'solution' to increase overall upvoting is to upvote good questions and answers yourself, making it more common and hoping that people would also upvote more often.

Another possible option would be for moderators to comment on answers that were obviously useful for the user, and that received no upvote, reminding the user to upvote. For example, when the user accepts one answer and does not upvote, or when an user comments on an answer giving positive feedback, but the answer still has 0 upvotes.

But again, I think that few upvotes should be a frustrating only if you are never being upvoted or if the sole purpose of your answer or comment was to get points. If you answer or comment to genuinely help, I think upvotes and points should come as a consequence of your help.

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Well I also think on that people that someday want the fansite item , with this slow upvote people will need 2-3 years being active for get 4000 points
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And what's wrong with collecting points in 2 years? In my opinion you forgot about being objective, because of such a strong need to get Omniscient Owl. Fansite items should be rare, should be hard to obtain and finally should be UNIQUE. Imagine, that some of fansites don't give a chance to get fansite items to the players -there's no contests, no lotteries and no contribution programs on TibiaGuias, TibiaMisterios... and of course I would like to win it one day, but it's impossible. Do I cry so much because of it? Is there any faniste where you can obtain item in e.g. 2 months? Nope.
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The fact is that I see people voting depending of the user who answer or make the question instead of voting for the content itself.  I dont know why people just almost never upvote anything that I post and its good content... sad. Im upvoting almost all the valid content because I wanna thanks people for their effort on making content , is a way to giv ethanks for wasting their time helping us, I think thats the minimun you can do.

This are the stats I have on giving votes , you see the rest of the people ....
Gave out:    308 up votes, 6 down votes
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