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Any chance to get at least 1 point to the people who upvote a Q/A?. Maybe this can work to promote this option, you know something to help each user.

2 Answers

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I feel that those wouldn't be quality votes. People would just mass up-vote or down-vote everything in order to receive points for voting. Maybe if we limited the number of votes you can cast and reduced the rewaord for voting to like 0.1 points..?
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Reduce by X votes per X time (Like the questions) and reduced the reeward by 0.2.
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i think it will just make pep able to farm points by upvoting on everything so not really a good idea
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If they start to upvote alot they will be ban, trust me rsrs
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0.1 or 0.2 meh dont work as you think!
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