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We have the option to hide/show the QAs but when you do it, you just keep with the decrease of downvotes and sometimes this is a total unfair. If you dont know it look this example:

My post about How get Teleport:


Question -3 votes

Answer -2 votes (I know the answer is obsolete).

And people talking about how it is bad question.

  • Daissy post about How get Teleport:


Question 1 upvotes

Answer 3 upvotes

The most funny part, I flag it and it was rejected.

So im getting downvoted by the same people who upvote the SAME QA.

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yea i have this happen to me too and idk why they downvoted. maybe it should require an explanation

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Hiding works exactly as deleting. All user points that the hidden question/answer affects are adjusted.

As for rejected flag - I'm not sure why that happened. Did you flag it as a duplicate?
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When I hide a question/answer I just get decrease of 1 point, the rest of negative points still alive.

Think on that, Im nut sure if flag it as duplicated or Inapropiate (By all the old messages about the RULES)

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Oh, you might be right about that. Anyways, hidden posts are deleted after a short amount of time anyway and that's when points on votes are recalculated
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How much time to it? is the same time to Q and A?
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The time varies. They all need to be manually reviewed so that a useful question/answer is not removed (even if it's downvoted)
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Personally, I was very motivated to participate in this site, but it was enough to make 2 inquiries and it rained the negative to eliminate my query. I finally gave up and went to Reddit there, the community is much friendlier and they don't bother to answer even repetitive questions.

I am the type of user who likes to participate in communities but not at the expense of a toxic community, If your goal is to win the owl, continue here, if your goal is to be in a pleasant and varied community, I recommend Reddit (TibiaMMO).

The numbers do not lie, see the number of visits to the consultations, how many answers you have and your votes (in 90% of the topics, the number of votes does not approximate the number of visits, even with a single correct answer to the question )And finally, most of the answers are quotes from a wiki or other sites already known, as a result there is no opinion about the game if I need something, I go to the wiki and if it is not there, I will Reddit. so why waste my time waiting a quote from something I didn't find and many negative votes and a future removal of my query?
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Hello, demeta! First of all, thank you very much for your honest feedback and constructive criticism. I find it very helpful. I'd like to touch on a few things that you raised.

I think you may be mistaking being unfriendly with the need to keep the TibiaQA knowledge base clean. If the questions or answers are removed, closed or moved it's never done with the intention to pick on a certain user. It's done to keep the knowledge base in the best possible shape. TibiaQA is not a discussion forum and so the rules/guidelines here are completely different from those you may know from other discussion boards. TibiaQA is way more like a wiki. You wouldn't want to see seven different wiki pages for a single thing you want to check, would you? You also probably wouldn't start a discussion about, say, your favorite helmet on a wiki page - they are simply not a suitable place to have them. Many other Tibia fansites offer general discussion boards where such discussions can be raised and are most welcome.

I do agree with your point about some questions/answers not having a lot of votes. I believe this is caused by two things. First, voting is a moderation privilege on TibiaQA. Not every new user automatically receives it. They need to first earn some reputation themselves before they can vote on the content of other users. Upvotes should be used when users consider the content helpful and correct. The answers to the questions are displayed in the order of their score. That way the answers that most users believe are helpful and correct are displayed on the top and those with fewer votes are displayed below. Another reason for this is that the TibiaQA community is still learning how to use the votes correctly. The best example is our long queue of questions without an upvoted answer - https://www.tibiaqa.com/review-queue but I believe this is changing for the better. Based on the total number of votes from 2018 and 2019, the users are becoming more and more active when it comes to voting.

I also agree that some of the answers could/can be found on one of the Wikis. I don't believe though that this is relevant to most of the questions that we have. There are certain types of questions that cannot be directly answered by Wiki and some of them would require some searching or visiting a few pages. TibiaQA is designed to give users the fastest access to the information they need. This is achieved by tagging, search support, well-formulated questions and optimization towards search engines like Google. E.g. searching for "how to join a guild in tibia" in Google (https://www.google.pl/search?q=how+to+join+a+guild+in+tibia&oq=how+to+join+a+guild+in+tibia) will give you a direct link to the answer on TibiaQA. With a wiki, you would go the main page, search for the term "guild" and then browse the page hoping to find the answer you need. And it might not be there. TibiaQA just makes accessing some certain information (definitely not all) quicker for many players.

I also want to mention that if you don't understand some TibiaQA mechanics, the reason for down-votes on any of your questions, meta.tibiaqa.com is the perfect place to ask the community about this. I believe many experienced users would be willing to tell you what could have caused the downvotes.

One thing I wanted to note is that we are in a suggestion topic about allowing users to delete their own posts. I'm not sure how much attention you pay to such details, but your answer is clearly off-topic here. You could have easily started a new topic with a feedback towards TibiaQA and let the community discuss. If some of your posts were removed from TibiaQA in the past - posting off-topic content could have been a reason for that. I'm happy to discuss further how to better notify/teach the users how to use the site properly. I agree currently it may not be too friendly when your post simply disappears and you don't know what happened to it. I'll certainly be working on improving this - thanks!
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Why so many people says that this community is toxic? I dont see the toxicity you talk about anywhere
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I appreciate your time to respond to several points related to my opinion and that is very good as a site. As a user, I felt that tibiaqa was more a kind of wiki-type informative site but more transitory where you could ask anything (from the stupidest to the most complex) and that the questions would happen and appear from time to time where all users could answer from theories to the most true to the reality of the game, why did I think this?
Why is the site format so favorable for this type of platform (it is a fast site, very intuitive to use and with an unsuspected potential due to its structuring) perhaps there should be a less serious section to take advantage of this potential?. I don't know but it's always nice to receive a serious and focused response.
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Thanks, we've had similar proposals before, however, opening the site to more questions and discussions has several drawbacks. In the past community identified that this kind of question would be essentially a way for users to farm reputation points, which is dangerous for two reasons: the reputation points give access to advanced moderation tools and reputation points let users receive the Omniscient Owl in our contribution system. In order to overcome this, we would need to develop a separate category that does not allow voting or that ignores score on the post and this is quite a technical challenge. Also, nearly all other fansites already offer general discussion forums, so we don't feel this is that important to introduce on TibiaQA as well.
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