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Hello community,

since we are always looking to expand our Help Center with information and tips on TibiaQA, I wanted to ask what, in your mind, makes a good question? Are there any specific requirements that you have to consider the question good and worthy of your up-vote? Please share your feedback here. If you have any examples of good questions, you are welcome to attach them here as well.

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First you must subscribe to the TibiaQa page.

Before, search if any other internet users have not already asked the same question or something similar.


When you ask a question, you must first analyze the title of the question, so that it is flashly and in an interesting way, so that the followers are interested in answering and sharing their knowledge.

In the title be brief and show clarity about what your doubt is.

In the subtitle, try to be objective in the question, put details that can not miss the answers you will receive to make people understand what you really want to know.

In a short time, you will have answers and so you can choose the best answer for so, other people with the same question, can read directly in that most answered.


You will also be able to comment on the replies if there is another question in the question you answered to clarify and complement your question.

And don’t forget, all the questions should be in english ! if you don’t know, look for apps that do the translation.


Be kind and thank for the answers and knowledge sharing. J

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Better than a video of 3-5 seconds, make a gif. I dont gonna enter to a youtube link to see how you make a clic.
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Does it really matter how to ask a question? Definitely! Asking the question in the right way will increase your chance of getting a good answer, which can be useful for the rest of TibiaQA community. It will also help you avoid answers with lots of misleading information.

So what makes a good question?

First of all – good question is a not duplicated question. Before you ask a question, take some time to do a research.


Good title is one of the most important part if we want to get an adequate answer. Users can see title of our question as first and because of it each user decides if he wants to take his time to continue reading.

Good title must contain keywords describing the problem.

Keywords are helpful with understanding the topic of your question faster. It is also useful for new users, who try to make research about this topic.

Tags are kind of keywords. It’s useful for dividing questions into different categories and helpful for other users who are looking for questions belonging to a specific category.

Correct tags are also really helpful if you want people with knowledge of a particular filed to answer your question.

How it works? Let me show you an example:

Imagine, that you want to know how to find and kill boss of Bog Raiders, Shlorg. You have added tag “bosses”. Nobody answered and your question became forgotten. Few days later the user, who treats boss-hunting like a hobby and has huge knowledge about it chose the tag “bosses”, found your question without any answer and decided to help.

As you can see, the seemingly insignificant part of the question may turn out to be crucial.

Here you have to write more details and explain why you asked this question.

Your question have to be:
•    clear and possibly short (it’s important, if you don’t want to get an answer: “tl;dr” wink),
•    helpful for other users (do not ask about personal things or any specific server, make your question a source of knowledge for every user),
•    free of bias (to avoid arguing),
•    not very general (to help users give you an exact answer).

Don’t be afraid of putting an examples to make your question easier to understand for TibiaQA community!

Try to care about visual aspect of your question.

To make the question clear and eye-friendly you can use some tools to edit the text. The choice of edition tools is wide, starting with bold, italics, color, font and letter size, ending with tables.

If your question concerns a specific item or place, simply show it! You can use maps, screenshots (as shown below), graphics and even videos!


no Where can I find Areca Palm? – Palm? On Meriana you can find different kind of palms.

yes Where can I find Areca Palm? – Oh, I saw it in Venore and Rathleton!

Most of questions on TibiaQA are non-opinion based since major idea of TibiaQA was a simple rule – asking a questions and getting answers. But sometimes we are simply curious what other players think about the topic, so we ask an opinion-based question.

To make it correct - let users share their opinion, but don’t ask about their stories or favourite items. Good opinion-based question gives answers which build TibiaQA’s database.

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